About Kelver Homes

Kevler Homes is a Christchurch based building company specialising in residential, across the spectrum from your personlised first home to your architectural home.

From concept plan to completion, Kevler Homes is a team of professionals who are fully committed to ensuring quality builds and efficient time management.

Kevler Homes offers a range of home and land packages and standard plans for you to choose from. We believe every individual is unique, our in-house designers and experienced  consultants are here to help making your dream house a reality.

Our inclusion list and specifications are extremely competitive.




Kevler Homes | Designed with Strength, Built for Life


Your Experience


We know there are so many decisions to make. But you don’t have to be stressed out. With our help, you can relax, sit back and enjoy the magic.


Building a house is a big deal and you should know where and how you spent your money. You can choose what fits you the best and get a clear quotation from us.


You are important to us. Your vision and lifestyle is essential to our design. Exceeding your expectation is our goal.


Your Home


Your house is built by our skilled construction teams and managed by our dedicated project managers. Our team is highly committed to maintain the build quality at the highest possible standard.


Our designers can customise a home for you to match your lifestyle. It can be your first home or a smart investment, a family dwelling or an architecturally designed showpiece. We take the time to understand what you want in your dream home and we will work with you through every step of the way to make it real.


10-year Master Build Guarantee

For every house we build, we include a standard 10-year Master Build Guarantee with Non-Completion Cover. So you know that you are fully covered in case of any unexpected issue.

2-year maintenance Warranty

Where most building companies offer a standard 1-year maintenance warranty, we offer a comprehensive 2-year maintenance warranty for every house we build.

On Schedule Guarantee

It is very important to complete your house on schedule. We guarantee that if we can’t complete your house in time, we will pay your mortgage interest based on payment received. T & Cs apply.

No Hidden Cost Guarantee

We offer fixed price contracts. We won’t give you a low quote just to get your business and surprise you later with some extra cost. We will give you a quote with a specification which is clear, understandable and you will know exactly the cost.