About Kevler Care

As a new homeowner, we believe you deserve full confidence and peace of mind when building with Kevler Homes. Current industry standards, for post-build maintenance warranties are often only 1 year  - we think your home deserves better and this is the exact reason why we created “Kevler Care”.

To know once your home is completed, we continue to look after the maintenance* of your new home for 3 consecutive years. This service is in addition to the area of protection covered by NZ Law and begins from the completion of your new home.




How does it work?


We have a dedicated warranty team to service the maintenance requirements. We contact you after 3 months, 12 months, and 30 months to schedule in your home walk through and assess the requirements and work to complete these as quickly as possible. It’s that simple.

As the warranty applies to the home, should you on sell your home within the 3 years, we will continue to honour the warranty with the new owners. We simply just ask you to let us know if you do sell. 


*For full Terms and Conditions, please request through the form below.